Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Its literally been a week since I posted last. I wanted to thank those of you who are reading my blog; family members (Hi Uncle Rob!), friends, and people from the internet HAHA. I don't have much to say other than;
1) the swelling is going down a little bit everyday! The pictures you will see will show that =)
2) I'm no longer on any meds. The antibiotics that I was on were only for the first 2 weeks, and then the Tylenol 3's were until I felt comfortable enough to stop - so now I only take regular tylenol every 4 hours.

Here are the pictures for the week! I see my ortho on Friday, so I'll let you all know how that goes.

Thursday the 31st =).
Friday the 1st - pardon the weird picture. I was excited to paint my nails for the first time after the surgery, and they matched my shirt and pillow! HAHA.

Saturday the 2nd!

Sunday the 3rd. This day I was very sore for some reason, and took a T3 before bed!

Monday the 4th - no idea why I look sunburnt and oily HAHA.

Tuesday the 5th =).

Wednesday - by the way. I have concealer over the bruising today, because I went to school, and I get enough weird looks with the swelling HAHA.

As I said, I've been going to school. I planned on going Monday, but didn't feel well at all in the morning, so didn't end up going. But I went Tuesday, and Wednesday (today). I get some very funny looks because my face looks different with the swelling, but my friends get a kick out of it. I also get very tired by the end of the day - so if you do plan on going back to work or school after your surgery I recommend making sure that once you are done, you can sleep or rest =).

Also, my lips get really small when I smile right now!

Love you all,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shopping List

Hey everyone.
So this post is more for those of you who are getting, or might be getting the surgery. Its a list of everything that was AMAZING for me when I was going through the worst of it. Sure there are still things that I use now, but I'm past all of the big hurdles, and I thought I would make a "shopping list", and explain why it was great. I might miss a few things, so check back to see if I add anything over time =).

  • Inhalers - if you have asthma, bring them. I really needed mine.
  • LipBalm - this is a big one. My lips were so dry and this is essential. Especially so they don't crack from swelling.
  • Face Wipes or Wash - my skin was super oily, and I loved washing my face more than anything.
  • Hand Sanitizer - I always got sticky stuff on my hands if the syringe leaked and this helped especially when I didn't want to get up every 5 minutes to wash my hands.
  • Ice/Face Wrap - I got these at the hospital, but you filled them with ice and wrapped it around your face. As annoying as it was, the ice felt so good, and the packs made it easier =). I am sure you could find something like it online if you don't get these from your hospital.
  • Kleenex/Qtips - My nose was always running. So Kleenex is obvious, but as it started running less and less I would just use Qtips to wipe around my nose when it started running randomly.
  • Pillows - these make it more comfy to do anything. That would suck if you didn't have enough to properly prop yourself up.
  • Mirror - when my face was numb, and I needed to eat I had to use a mirror so I didn't make a mess HAHA.
  • White Board - for the first few days I would get too tired to talk, or couldn't talk at all and the white board was great for that.
  • Slippers - I got really cold for some reason after the surgery, and I still am going through this. Its most likely because the bloodloss makes you slightly anemic. But slippers are GREAT. I bought SoftMoc's = AMAZING.

Alright. That's it for now. Talk soon.

Change in my Bite!

Okay, so about a month or so ago I posted this picture - it was my bite at the time. By the way, the pictures you are about to see are much more than awkward to take. Honestly, try facing your camera and making a growly face HAHA.

NOW! After the surgery this is what my teeth look like! Sorry I had to use my fingers because I still have swelling.

I am soo happy. When i smiled before, you would get a nice shot of my bottom teeth, but now when I smile you see my top teeth =). I cant stop smiling, I am in love with my bite. =)

Write for you soon <3. K.

Bonjour People =)

Hello! So Monday, Tuesday were kind of the same as Sunday. The swelling didn't change much. The only really exciting thing is that on Monday I went to my friends house, [Hey Jen (= ]. I decorated Ukranian Easter Eggs. That was a lot of fun.
Monday - I actually feel okay today. The swelling looks as if it may have gone up a little.. weird. but this picture makes me laugh. I look like I'm trying to seduce someone (unsuccessfully I may add HAHA). Swollen lips make you look so weird at times.

This is Tuesday, it was going good. My face looks human! Just really swolen on the apples of my cheeks, but you can't even tell too much. It just feels super strange when I smile. Kind of like I have cheek implants or something =P.

And Wednesday!. My Left side is much more swollen than the right still! But its coming along =).

Today I had a meeting with the surgeon. He took me into an mini O.R. and removed my splint! I am so happy! I can talk normal now, and I can also finally see my perfect bite! I love it so much, its insane. I keep smiling at myself because my teeth are nice. This was 100% worth everything I've gone through so far. I'll write a post right after this one where i show you picture of my mouth. When I see my ortho on the 8th, I'll ask for their intense pictures =P.

Thanks for reading xox.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I don't have a lot to say =). The pain is still pretty bad, but the swelling is going down! I've gone from looking like I got hit by a bus, to looking like a normal person.

Here are pictures =) I am very sorry, but I forgot to take some on Saturday =[

Friday - swelling is down, especially on my right side. Bruising is still insane though.

This is today (Sunday). I am really really happy with my face. The swelling is really down in my cheeks, and if it wasn't for the bruising, I could *maybe* look normal to someone who didn't know me. I forgot to mention this in any of my previous posts - because of the swelling, my nose is turned up! HAHA. I remind myself of all of the people in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", I think they are called Who's? I put a picture of my profile. Its not that nice right now because of the swelling, but you can see the chipmunk cheeks =) Do you like my bear HAHA <3.

Alright, that is all for now, talk to you soon =).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 7 & Appt. With the Surgeon

So last night was rough =[. I went to bed around 11:30 but my mouth was really sore and I didn't really fall to sleep until after 5:30 =[. Lots of tossing, turning, and reading. After I fell asleep, I slept until 11:30 which was nice. I took this picture in the morning after I woke up -

As you can tell, I've got some MAD bruising going on, especially below my eye, and that nice little purple one that makes it look as if I'm drooling blood! But overall, I think that the swelling went down a little bit today, which is AMAZING. By the way, when I smile, my eyes get all squinty, and my lips look all small - so thats why I look slightly strange in some of the pictures HAHA.

So as for the appointment with the surgeon - it went well! When I got there, I got A LOT of funny looks, but whatever, theres nothing that I can do, it all part of healing! I went into the room with the nurse, and after putting my things down I went to the back for XRays. They just wanted to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be! After that, the surgeon came in and was surprised by how much I had swelled! He said that I had the least bleeding he had ever seen - but the most swelling =P. He then checked inside of my mouth to make sure that the splint was lining up, and everything was just doing well!
He said that I was keeping my mouth very clean, and I couldn't be doing anything better =D. That is good to hear, as I've been brushing my teeth like a maniac =P. He then changed the elastics - this was not very comfortable, but it didn't hurt. I now only have two elastics in; but don't get me wrong - they are very tight =[.

I am going back to see him on Wednesday of next week. He said that they would take my splint off! I am really surprised, because initially they said I might have it on for a month - but I guess two weeks is enough!

I am probably going to upload a video for everyone soon. I want to show you all what is going on inside of my mouth, how I talk and all that fun stuff! We will see, that is still debatable =).

Well, about 2 or so hours ago I took another picture. I find that my face looks a little different morning vs night so from here on I will most likely be putting a morning an night picture! So here it is <3.

Alright, I hope that all is well with my lovely readers <3. Talk to you soon .

Days 4, 5, 6

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I just get caught up in napping, watching Harry Potter and rinsing my mouth HAHA.
So here is pictures, and a day-by-day update =).

Day 4 - This day was the first in which I didn't have a nose bleed anymore! I still have to wipe it every now and then, but it was way better! The bruising was very purple and concentrated on my lower cheeks.

Day 5 - This day, I felt terrible =[. The swelling peaked, and it went all the way from my eyes to my chin =[. I look as if I have been hit by a bus. The bruising is very red/purple today and in the same areas.

Day 6 - I look really really bad =[. The swelling is going down around my eyes (thank god), but the bruising is taking over! It is on the entire lower half of my face, as well as under my left eye.

So yeah... I'm not attractive. I hate it ='[. But it's all part of healing, right?

Here is some information on random little things;
Medicine - I've been taking 2 Tylenol 3's every 2 hours, and antibiotics every 6 hours.
What does it feel like - well, the parts of my face that are numb(ish) kinda of feel like.. well, imagine that your hand falls asleep, you know how it feels tingly and heavy? Thats what it feels like.. well, with pain thrown in there.
Sleep - I've been sleeping better. Not having the ice attached to my face makes a BIG difference. I still sleep all propped up, which sounds like it would not be comfortable, but it is, considering how heavy my face is =).
Energy - I have been doing mainly 4 things - sleeping, washing my mouth, eating, and watching movies HAHA. It takes lots of my time to wash my mouth and eat so I feel like that is all I'm ever doing. It keeps me busy, but whenever I stop doing something I fall asleep. I could easily sleep all day, but if I keep myself busy with eating or even just playing with my dogs, I can stay awake!
Other Stuff - My skin has been very oily form being stretched, so I look like a big butter ball 24/7.

Incase any of my readers are looking for food ideas - here is what I like right now, but maybe when everything is all done, I can do a blog post on food ideas!
  • Water
  • Sprite - the light fresh flavour is great, as well as the fizz!
  • Ensure - the chocolate flavour.
  • Soup - this seems pretty predictable, but I have been having richer, creamier soups. My mom makes AMAZING ones. Its literally cooked veggies, seasoning, and broth all blended up. It makes a very thick, filling soup!
  • Mashed Potatoes - i've had then with butter, as well as gravy. They are messy and take a while to eat, but are great. I use a little spatula to fit a pea sized amount into my mouth. Again, it takes FOREVER, but its worth it. I <3>
  • Spaghetti - I didn't think I could eat something like this, but I managed to! We bought very very fine egg noodles, and overcooked them, next we cut them into very very very little pieces, and put butter and a mix of herbs on them. I ate them the same way as the M.P. The only thing you have to be careful of is not getting it stuck behind the splint, as well as not chewing.
  • Booster Juice - SO GOOD. A lot of other blended beverages have ice chunks in them, and those are hard to get through the tube, as well as even "eat". But Booster Juice is AMAZING. No ice chunks, and I have no problems getting it through the tube. You get (I think) 4+ servings of fruit, and there are variations that have lots of protein (30g), so this stuff is amazing.
  • Custard - if you need a sweet fix, this is the best. Its great because its warm, and although its a dessert, its not like having ice cream. You can mix it with different things - I LOVE mixing it with chocolate.
  • Chocolate - if you take a small piece (the size of your thumb) and melt it - its wonderful! I wonder how many other people do this - maybe its just me.. being a chocolate addict and all =P.

I also want to thank anyone, wether they read this blog or not, for sending flowers, kind thoughts, booster juice, and prayers. It means so much to me that you are taking the time out of your day to think of me =). I truly appreciate it all <3

Alright, so that is about it for now. Tomorrow I have appointment with my surgeon to check on things! I'll update you on how that goes!

-K. xox.